Luther’s Small Catechism

by Dr. Martin Luther

Explanation of Mealtime Prayers

Explanation of Mealtime Prayers

Mealtime Prayers

In the Fourth Petition, we are taught to pray that our Father would lead us to acknowledge Him as the giver of our daily bread and so receive it with thanksgiving. Just as we approach the altar with reverence, so we also come together around the tables in our homes with reverence toward God, who provides us with food and drink. The catechism provides us with a short liturgy as we come together for meals. Psalm 145:15--16 directs our attention to God, who opens His hands to satisfy the desires of every living creature. The Lord's Prayer is prayed both before and after eating. Before we partake of God's provision of daily bread, we implore Him to bless us and the gifts we receive from His bountiful goodness. 

After the meal is over, we give thanks to our Father, using the words of Psalm 136:1, 25 and 147:9--11. These verses remind us of God's goodness, which extends over all that He has made, both human beings...

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