Luther’s Small Catechism

by Dr. Martin Luther

Explanation of Daily Prayers

Explanation of Daily Prayers

Daily Prayers

In the explanation of the First Article, we learned that it is our "duty to thank and praise, serve and obey" our heavenly Father. The catechism teaches us how we are to thank and praise God in the Daily Prayers and how we are to serve and obey God in the Table of Duties. 

Prayers spoken from memory are sometimes viewed as less meaningful than spontaneous prayers. However, the words in the Daily Prayers, recited each day and etched into our memories, can shape and guide the whole of our prayer life. They are a helpful model for us as we bring our own prayers to the Lord. 

In the Daily Prayers, Luther provides prayers for when we eat and when we sleep, those times in our daily routine when we most clearly recognize our dependence on God our Creator.


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